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News & Facts--Shopping Bags and Plastic Bag Pollution

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PlasticBag Pollution and the Environment.

Therehave more than 7billions people in the world, in 2014 we used nearly 100million tons of plastic shopping bags and it is estimated that up to 1.2trillion of these bags ended up littering our environment or 2 millions plasticbags every minute , while more than 400,000 plastic bags are dumped in landfillsites every hour. More than 8-9 trillion bags were manufactured globally in 2015.Plastic pollution is becoming an increasing environmental problem. 
According to the Age Newspaper (18):
"In China, polythene bags blowing around the streets are called 'whitepollution'. In South Africa, their visual presence around the countryside haswon them the title of 'national flower'. In India, multi-coloured plastic bagsare everywhere, hanging off trees, lining river banks, blowing down railwaylines, choking sacred cows and holding together every pile of rubbish the eyecan see.   But plastic bags are not only lethal to animals. In Bangladesh,serious flooding that caused major loss of life was linked to plastic bagsblocking drains." 

Wildlife Pay the Price for Plastic Bag Pollution.


Alternatives to Plastic Bags.


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